Thursday, May 19, 2016

Document Carrier Bags

Reasons to Have Carrying Totes

Document carrier bags are useful items for architects, teachers, and artists when they need to carry large blueprints, maps, artwork or canvases to work or school. In addition, when someone needs to ship their artwork or architectural drawings across a city or to another state, they need heavy-duty nylon totes with self-sealing Velcro tops. The safest way to store, carry or ship maps and larger documents is after rolling the item and securing it with a carrying tote that closes with a Velcro material. Made of black nylon, these adjustable holders have a small fabric loop that makes carrying the item from home to school or work easily.

A Lightweight but Durable Tote

This office or school product is made to last for years to make it simple for anyone to carry a large document to a college’s library or to an office environment. The expertly stitched tote made for carrying blueprints or other large rectangular and square documents is available in a package of two, making it possible for purchasers to transport more than one large document at the same time. An additional use for the totes is when someone is placing a document in a shipping tube before mailing the item to a customer or office that is located overseas or across the United States. After someone receives the shipping tube, they are able to carry and protect a piece of artwork, map or blueprint without touching the item.

An Easy to Store Tote

These adjustable document carrier bags are also able to hold more than one canvas, blueprint or map at the same time, making it an affordable option for companies or schools that need an inexpensive way to transport documents between offices or classrooms. With a lightweight carrying tote, a teacher or business manager does not need to worry about their documents getting torn, creased or dirty during the transporting process. While many document carrying totes are large and heavy, this product is small and lightweight, making it easy to store in a briefcase or backpack until it is required.


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