Friday, June 24, 2016

Storage Tubes for Posters

Proper Storage for Protecting Posters and Drawings
Tubes get a real workout in professional engineering and architectural businesses. The tubular shape is a space saver that provides proper storage and protects drawings and posters. It 's hard to imagine how drawings and posters were shipped before the advent of tubes that store and protect important designs and artwork.

Today's courier services, office suppliers and drafting businesses offer several types of storage tubes. Some of these includes:
. Economical mailing tubes
. Telescoping tubes for documents
. Square and round tubes for carrying artwork, posters and drawings

Teachers, students and professionals all appreciate the clean lines of tubes for transporting posters safely and with optimal protection from damage while in transit.

Educators and students who spend hours on special posters rely on storage tubes for posters to ensure their work arrives in tip top condition. For businesses that make regular presentations using posters, carrying tubes are an excellent way of organizing and maintaining presentation posters. Carrying tubes are available in colors and transparent designs for ease of use.

Economical Mailing Tubes
There is no doubt mailing tubes are the most economical way to mail and ship posters and drawings. These are available in several convenient sizes from outside diameters of three inches up to six and a half inches. That provides plenty of room for several posters in each tube.

Telescoping Tubes for Documents
To protect blueprints, schematic drawings, posters, and other rolled documents, telescoping tubes are a "must have" for carrying and storing important work. Handles on telescoping tubes are adjustable, and these tubes have protective foam on tops and bottoms.

One handy tip when purchasing telescoping tubes is to consider using them for camping, golfing and fishing gear. These also work quite well as storage for trade show accessories.

Square and Round Tubes
For carrying posters, drawings and artwork, square and round tubes provide sufficient storage space and great mobility. These are available in two and three-foot lengths have convenient pockets for additional accessories and handy straps. Square and round storage tubes for posters are an excellent way to take posters to their final destination.


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