Sunday, July 17, 2016

Drafting Table Supplies

Seven Types of Drafting Table Supplies 

Drafters and Engineers need to have an assortment of tools to create their drawings. It is important to consider the quality of drafting table supplies to have items that are durable. Architects and Drafters need specialized tools to ensure their work is legible and perfect. There are several items that artists and engineers must have while other tools are optional. Here is a list of things to consider buying for drafting and drawing.

One: Drafting Lamp 

Anyone working on a drawing or painting must have bright light, and a drafting lamp will clamp securely to a table. Most individuals want to use a drafting lamp that has a swinging arm so that they can beam the light directly at the paper or canvas.

Two: Measuring Tools

Architects and Drafters must use precise measurements, and this leads to needing several types of measuring tools such as rulers, protractors, and calipers.

Three: Cutting Mats

To protect a drafting table, artists need protective cutting mats that have measurements printed on the surface. Cutting mats are available in a variety of colors, and many students or professionals want to buy one that is self-healing.

Four: Scissors, Cutting Wheels and Knives

To cut vellum, cardboard or paper, Drafters and artists need hobby knives, sharp scissors and cutting wheels. These items are available in different sizes and price points.

Five: Drawing Instruments

To make drawing easier, artists and architects want drawing instruments such as pantographs that will clamp to the drafting table or a flexible drafting curve tool. It is a good idea to buy a kit that contains a compass and dividers before drawing blueprints.

Six: Specialty Tools

The additional tools required for a drafting table are a parallel bar to create straight edges while drawing along with a T-square to make vertical, horizontal and angled lines.

Seven: Drafting Templates

With drafting templates, an architect can create unique designs with stencils. There are several types of drafting templates that are made for creating figures, symbols, and shapes. Templates are available in a circle and rectangular.


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