Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mechanical Drawing Supplies

Three Essential Mechanical Drawing Supplies

Architects and Drafters need to have mechanical drawing supplies to create their blueprints. It is possible to buy pencils, pens or rulers to make the process of drawing easier while at work, school or home.

One: Mechanical Pencils 

Instead of using the type of pencils that are in elementary schools, architects want mechanical pencils that are made with plastic or metal cases. To move the lead in a mechanical pencil, an individual must twist the pencil’s casing. A manufacturer will use a unique design for its mechanical pencils, placing the twisting mechanism in a different location. Some mechanical pencils have erasers on the top, or the devices have a separate attachment to cover the pen’s tip. When the lead is too short or breaks, the user must insert new lead, according to the manufacturer’s directions. It is possible to buy lead in the traditional gray color, or an architect can choose other colors such as black, brown or blue. A new drafter may want to buy an assortment kit of mechanical pencils that has a carrying case to protect the items.

Two: Technical Pens

In addition to pencils, architects and drafters need ink pens that have fine points and a steady flow of ink. When an architect or drafter is creating a blueprint or schematic, they need pens that are reliable and precise. These types of pens are made to last, and instead of throwing away the case when the ink cartridge is empty, a drafter will replace it with a refill cartridge. Technical pens are available in several colors, including black, blue and red.

Three: Mechanical Scale Rulers

Drafters and architects must measure carefully while drawing a design at school or work, and the best tool for them is a mechanical scale ruler. Some individuals refer to this device as an engineer’s scale, and it looks like a traditional ruler but has three sides. An architect who is using a mechanical scale ruler can turn it to find a more precise measurement as they create a schematic or blueprint.


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