Saturday, July 2, 2016

What Tech Drawing Supplies You Need for School

Many young men and women choose to go to technical drawing school to get their educations. With a technical drawing degree, these individuals will be able to work in the architectural, design and                                                                                  drafting fields. They may even be able to become                                                                                    artists.

But to make it in technical drawing school, it's important to have all of the right tech drawing supplies. In that case, here is a list of the tech drawing supplies that an artist needs for school.

Artist Tape

Artist tape is essential so that the artist can tape down their work onto a drawing board. It is essential to have special artist tape so that the artist can know it is acid-free and won’t leave a residue or ruin the artist paper.

Drawing Pencils

Of course, it goes without saying that artists and drafters will need excellent drawing pencils for technical drawing school. There are all different types of pencils that can be used for drafting, art, and architecture. A pencil extender might be used as well if sharpened pencils end up as small stubs that are no longer comfortable to hold onto while drawing.


When pencils are needed, erasers are required as well. Large erasers made out of rubber gum are good for erasing the tiniest of spots or the largest of areas. Also, very stubborn graphite or charcoal that may not be coming out quickly with a kneaded eraser can be taken out with an eraser stick. Having both is important.


Rulers of all kinds unnecessary for artists, architects and draftsmen. T rulers can help to make perfect 90-degree angles and keep lines straight on the page. Rulers of various other sizes and stencil rulers to make accurate curves and circular shapes can also be helpful.

A Drawing Board or Desk

A drying board or desk is necessary so that artists and architects can learn their trade on a flat, smooth and even surface. Some drawing boards and desks have rulers and graphs on them so that it's also easier for the students to navigate their skills as they learn.


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