Thursday, July 14, 2016

Where to Buy Drafting Supplies

One of the most common questions a person new to drafting might ask, is where to buy drafting supplies? Sure, you can buy pencils and papers almost anywhere, buy good quality drafting supplies are different. A nice straightedge or mechanical pencil will produce better images and drawings than just a regular lead pencil. Better images are easier to read, and plans that are easier to read are less likely to need revisions. These all add up to more efficiency which is, of course, better for all involved.

You’ve seen the capabilities and the benefits of good quality drafting supplies, but where does one does one go to obtain such items. While the big box office supply retailer might be an upgrade from the discount retailer on every corner, the selection of quality drafting supplies there will be too small to offer much of a choice. A step up from a big box office supply retailer would be an art supply store. Along with brushes and paints for artists, art supply stores carry a selection of quality drafting pencils, drafting curve tools, and sometimes ever more specialized equipment, such as T-squares or drafting boards.

Another good solution could be to find local university or trade school that offers engineering, architecture or drafting classes. These schools have on-campus bookstores so the students can buy the right supplies for their classes. These supplies would are priced reasonable as well as offer good quality. Your best bet for quality drafting tools would be to check online for sites that offer drafting tools and other supplies.

While you might initially be confused about places to find good quality drafting supplies, there are several options. It just takes a little time to discover the places and find the place with the best selections. The supplies are available; it’s all about knowing where to look.


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