Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Architectural Drawing Template

The Different Brands of Templates 

Architects or drafters need to have high-quality measuring tools to design buildings or products. An architectural drawing template is one of the first measuring tools that students will buy in college, and they will continue to use the devices throughout their careers. Architectural firms also keep these items available for employees to use to ensure that the measurements are correct on blueprints. Several well-known companies make these measuring tools, including:

• Timely

• Rapidesign
• Pickett
• Alvin

Types of Specialty Templates

It is possible to find specialty templates for certain types of industries, including:

• Plumbing – for the design and layout of bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms
• Banquet – designed for creating floor plans for restaurants
• Office – creating cubicle spaces and business layouts
• Landscape – symbols for designing lawns and outdoor spaces
• Bathroom – symbols for fixtures and pipes
• Kitchen – symbols for appliances, pipes, cabinets, and fixtures
• Home – created for designing residential buildings
• Furniture – cut out shapes that represent furniture

Why Templates are Useful 

Drafters and architects want to use an architectural drawing template to save time while making accurate measurements on drawings, schematics or blueprints. The cutouts on these plastic devices are made according to appropriate measurement scales that are stamped in black ink on the surface of the templates. An architect or drafter learns how to convert these measurements quickly to create accurate floor plans and drawings for their employers or clients.

How to Care for Plastic Templates 

The templates used by architects and drafters are made of thin, lightweight and durable plastic. While using these items, the cutout edges can become dirty from pencil lead or a pen’s ink, but it is easy to wash the items in soap and water. There are also specialized cleansers to remove a buildup of ink from the template’s plastic surfaces. Most templates last a long time, but the items are inexpensive, and it is easy for someone to replace the devices occasionally.


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